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Meet The Team

  • Luke Blackburn, DC

    My journey as a chiropractor began shortly after graduating from the University of Kentucky. My brother in-law , a chiropractor in central Kentucky, told me on many occasions that I should visit his office. After getting the opportunity to spend a day at his practice and seeing firsthand the positive effects of chiropractic care, I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life.

    My chiropractic journey has taken me all across the United States and abroad. I moved from Kentucky to Davenport, Iowa to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic. While at Palmer, I participated in a clinic abroad trip to Fiji where I gained valuable experience providing chiropractic care to those in need. I went through my entire chiropractic schooling with the intention of moving back to Kentucky to work with my brother in-law. My plan of action soon changed after I met my lovely wife, Sara. She was offered a great job opportunity in Seattle, Washington and as a chiropractor I have the luxury of practicing anywhere.

    We relocated to Washington where I had the pleasure of working at one of the top chiropractic clinics in the country, Collins Chiropractic. Collins Chiropractic is located in a small town outside of Seattle. The clinic was highly involved in the community, family oriented, accepted every patient with open arms, and utilized a chiropractic biophysics (CBP) technique. After working at Collins Chiropractic, I knew I wanted to open a similar office one day.

    After finishing my associateship in Burien, my wife and I decided to return to her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska where we could build a chiropractic clinic that can help make a healthier impact in the community.

    My goal is to help everyone I work with understand that health isn’t just the absence of disease, illness, and pain. Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Everyone has a general adaptive potential (GAP). GAP refers to your bodies ability to adapt to negative stress. If person A eats Burger King five days per week, doesn’t get off the couch, and has a lousy sleep schedule they will have a narrow GAP. If person B eats healthy, exercises, and gets adequate sleep they will obviously have a wider GAP. The narrower a person’s GAP becomes the easier it is for them to become sick and the wider a person’s GAP the less likely they are to become sick. In order to achieve maximum health potential, a fully functioning nerve system is required. The only way to naturally achieve a fully functioning nerve system is with chiropractic care. As a chiropractor my main objective is to find where stress is being applied to the nerve system and remove it. Diet, exercise, and adequate sleep are all important, but become more beneficial with a fully functioning nerve system.

  • Chase L'Heureux, DC

    Chiropractic has been a part of my life since the 8th grade when I suffered a minor back injury playing football. I was taken to a chiropractor by my parents who were big advocates of the profession after my mom was referred to one by a spinal surgeon as a last-resort to prevent major back surgery. The treatment saved her from undergoing surgery, as well as has provided her essentially 25 pain-free years… and counting.

    I attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln for undergrad, studying Nutrition Science. It was at that point that I realized chiropractic is more than just a fix for back pain or headaches – it’s a lifestyle. In our culture, there are some incredibly poor perceptions which lead to extraordinary misinformation of what health is as well as methods of achieving it.

    It was while studying at Palmer College of Chiropractic that I learned that oftentimes, improper biomechanics of the spine manifest from muscle imbalance or overuse injuries, but poor diet and lack of exercise are also very impactful and easy to overlook.

    I have been getting adjusted regularly since that first visit when I was in the 8th grade. I currently get adjusted monthly, unless I have an acute flair-up that needs more frequent attention. The musculoskeletal system works as one unit. It is impossible to have one without the other. I maintain an active lifestyle & continue to enjoy recreational football and basketball leagues. I have never suffered a major injury that has kept me out for longer than a week or two. I attribute that to chiropractic care and its direct influence on my nervous system and biomechanics.

  • Sarah Worthington, LMT

    Born and raised in Omaha, I graduated from Omaha Marian High School in 2010. I started my education at UNO and finished at Omaha School of Massage & Healthcare in 2015 with an associate's degree in therapeutic massage. I specialize in a variety of techniques including deep tissue, myofascial release, prenatal, sports, and Swedish. I apply different techniques tailored to each individual's needs. I am a firm believer that stress can have a dramatic effect on health and well-being, so I strongly encourage everyone to try massage therapy at least once in their lifetime. I enjoy staying active, playing with my black lab, Jax, and spending time with my family.

  • Ashley Rutan, LMT

    I moved to Omaha in 2009 from western Nebraska to attend school at the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare. Born and raised in Cozad, NE I was living in North Platte when my husband and I decided to head east to further our education. With a background in exercise science, I knew that I wanted to work in a profession focused on injury repair and prevention. I work primarily with clients experiencing pain due to life’s everyday stressors, providing them with a natural, yet effective alternative to pain relief. I specialize in trigger point, deep tissue, myofascial, and positional release therapies. Along with working at Millard Oaks Chiropractic, I am an instructor at the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare.

  • Betty Kunz, RT(R)

    My husband and I returned to southeast Nebraska from southern California following his end of active duty with the United States Marine Corps. During my clinical experience while earning my degree in Radiology, I worked in emergency, trauma, surgical, inpatient and outpatient departments, as well as observed procedures such as port placements and kyphoplasties in Interventional Radiology. These procedures were necessary by the time I was working with these patients, and I recognized my drive to contribute to a healthcare pathway that would not only potentially prevent the need for some invasive procedures, but also increase the overall quality of life in those individuals. When the nature of the correlation of my posture and spinal X-rays was explained to me, the science behind the technique of Chiropractic Biophysics (the most- published named technique within the Index Medicus) became a significant influence in my life, and ignited my passion for increasing the education of others on the body's potential for recovery from a myriad of health concerns. I have had the opportunity to work in multiple departments in Chiropractic and healthcare facilities, to include radiology, rehab, marketing, claims, and office management. I am licensed as a Medical Radiographer, am a Registered Radiologic Technologist with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), and am a member of the Nebraska Society of Radiologic Technologists.

  • Zahra Allen, LMT

    I am a Las Vegas local who relocated to the Midwest in 2009, then to Omaha in 2014. I decided to pursue an education in nursing because of my passion to help heal those in need. After 2 years of schooling and a change in my major, I was thrown off path by my mother’s unexpected passing. Given such a setback and much time to think about my future, I was introduced to massage therapy through a friend. Having never considered a massage therapy profession in the past, I found that with my background in anatomy and physiology, my passion for wellness and my instinct to help others, massage therapy was a perfect fit. I graduated from the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare and began to work as a therapist right away. In an industry that is constantly growing and finding new techniques to implement and improve on, I take pride in being mentored by some of the best professionals in the field. Massage therapy is more than a career, it is a lifestyle that comes to me naturally. I have gained extensive knowledge in many different modalities. Preventative care and pain relief are my specialty. I enjoy deep tissue massage, combined with trigger point work and myofascial techniques that help to relieve and manage pain, while also maintaining a sense of relaxation. I also provide Swedish relaxation, prenatal and sports massage.

  • Shannon Griffey

    Omaha became 'Homaha' in 2016 when I married my best friend and relocated from Nebraska City. I was excited to join the Millard Oaks Chiropractic team shortly after that in 2017. When I'm not at the office, I enjoying laying down guitar, bass, and vocals for my worship team and elsewhere in the Midwest music scene. My husband and I share our home with 3 cats, 2 birds, and 1 fish. I'm very grateful to have a job I enjoy and work with the highest-quality people. It keeps my life well-aligned in more ways than one!

  • Patrick Dyer, LMT

    With over a decade of military and police service, I have dedicated my life to helping others. The birth of my second child followed by a near-miss at work led me to radically change my world viewpoint as I was drawn to the healing arts.
    My journey of self healing lead me to the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare where I earned my diploma in Massage Therapy. I have received Master Certification in Reiki and am continuing my education in Sound Therapy and Meditation to further my knowledge in stress relief and relaxation. I am pleased to become a part of the Millard Oaks Chiropractic team where I can bring my passion for healing to the Omaha Metro area! 

We are a collection site for Channel 94.1's Diaper Drive for the Lydia House from December 1st to the 15th!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Effective deep tissue massage. I'll be back and sending my husband too. Zarha does a great job focusing on your needs."
    Katie Helinski Pospisil
  • "You can get an awesome massage from Sarah then get adjusted and walk out feeling great"
    Vickie Busch

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