Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the median nerve gets compressed between a passageway of ligaments and bones.  The median nerve along with tendons pass through the Carpal Tunnel passageway which at times can become inflamed causing irritation and compression of the median nerve.  Pain, weakness, or numbness is most commonly felt in the wrist, thumb, and first three fingers.  

Often times what is thought to be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is actually nerve entrapment that occurs further up the affected arm (elbow, shoulder) or nerve root impingement in the neck.  We us a variety of non-invasive tests to help determine where exactly the impingement is coming from.  In some cases, numbness and tingling in the hands has been misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel and led to an unsuccessful surgery.  Most of the cases were a result of the nerve impingement coming from the neck. The goal of surgery for carpal tunnel is to sever the band of tissue which opens the passageway and relieve pressure from the median nerve.  At times this can be successful, but it is recommended only as a last result.  
Why Chiropractic for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

We will do an evaluation to determine if the numbness and tingling is actually carpal tunnel or if it is coming from a different location.  When we find where the root cause of the problem is, we will perform a light force adjustment to remove the nerve impingement and decrease surrounding inflammation.  Often times exercises will be given to help with the healing process as well as tips for proper ergonomics.  

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