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At Millard Oaks Chiropractic, we believe that massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care yields the best possible results. Our therapists are trained in several modalities that are geared toward relieving pain & discomfort. 

Why massage therapy and chiropractic in conjunction? 

Whether you are seeing one of our doctors because of an acute injury or a longstanding ailment, massage therapy will enhance its effectiveness. The musculoskeletal system works as one unit. It is impossible to influence one without influencing the other. Massage therapy focuses on the manipulation of soft tissue -- muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia -- for increased healing, enhanced function of the body, promotion of well-being, and relaxation. 

Even though chiropractic focuses on the spine and its direct influence on the nervous system and massage primarily focuses on soft tissue, the 2 modalities are complimentary. Because of muscle memory, the soft tissue surrounding the non-functional vertebrae (spinal subluxation) seeks to retain that position -- this happens because it requires less work by the muscle! Therefore, after a chiropractic adjustment restores function to a vertebral complex, the surrounding musculature intuitively resorts back to its prior behavior, negatively influencing the same vertebral levels. After a series of adjustments, the muscle groups begin to adapt to the new positioning of the vertebrae & will maintian functional positioning for a longer amount of time. Massage therapy accelerates this process!

Three reasons to combine chiropractic and massage therapy:

Quicker Recovery - Patients who receive both therapies will experience faster and more complete recovery.

Increased Range of Motion - In addition to pain, many chiropractic patients also suffer from reduced range of motion due to their injury. Much like spinal adjustments, massages are able to improve the flexibility and mobility of impacted areas such as muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissue.

Longer-lasting adjustments - Massage therapy helps reeducate the correct positioning of the muscle tissues surrounding the spinal subluxations. 

Massage Therapy at Millard Oaks Chiropractic in Millard. Serving the Omaha, NE area for chiropractic and massage therapy needs.

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  • "Effective deep tissue massage. I'll be back and sending my husband too. Zarha does a great job focusing on your needs."
    Katie Helinski Pospisil
  • "You can get an awesome massage from Sarah then get adjusted and walk out feeling great"
    Vickie Busch

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