Motor Vehicle Accidents

At Millard Oaks Chiropractic, we are well equipped to handle Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA's) with great success.  Being involved in an MVA can be one of the most frightening experiences a person can have.  What can happen days, weeks, or even years following the accident can be very frightening as well.

When a person is involved in an auto accident, the structures that support and control their body:  nerves, ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia, and cartilage, can all be damaged from the abrupt and unsuspecting force a car accident can deliver.  These structures can be damaged at speeds as low as 4 MPH!  When these bodily structures are damaged, some common symptoms a person will experience include: neck pain, headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, mid back pain, low back pain, numbness and tingling in the arms or legs, decreased motion, fear, difficulty sleeping, and decreased energy.    

In some cases, a person can have the bodily structures mentioned above damaged and not even know until days, weeks, or years down the road.  It is common to hear people say after an accident, “I was a little stiff and sore for a couple of days, but now I feel pretty good."  The stiffness and soreness following an accident is the result of a person’s musculoskeletal and nerve system experiencing an abrupt shift in alignment.  Many people will only experience stiffness and soreness for 24-48 hours which is a good thing and a bad thing.  It’s obviously a good thing when the stiffness and soreness go away because nobody wants to experience these symptoms. However, it can be a bad thing as well because when a person feels better they think their body is fully healed.  Assuming that you are fully healed following an accident due to the absence of pain can lead to more serious complications down the road.

As mentioned above, when someone is in an accident even as low as 4 MPH, they can experience a shift of their musculoskeletal and nervous system.  When these shifts occur, they are what lead to pain and other unwanted symptoms.  The sooner a person seeks care following an accident, the quicker they will recover.  This is because a person’s body hasn’t had the time to fully adapt to the new anatomical position following the accident.  The sooner the care begins, the easier it is to get the person back to normal or near normal as possible.  The longer a person waits to seek care, the longer it will take to recover.  This is because the human body will adapt to the new anatomical alignment over time.  When the body adapts to a new and incorrect anatomical alignment it will start to become more unstable over time. This is primarily due to the formation of scar tissue surrounding the affected areas. Eventually the unstable alignment will lead to symptoms.  This is why it is highly recommended that a person gets checked immediately following an accident no matter what the severity of the accident is.

How we can help:
Following the initial exam we will take digital X-rays to visually show you where and how your body was affected by the accident.  You will be able to visually see how the accident changed your anatomical alignment.  Based on the severity of your problem, together we will determine a treatment plan and begin care.  Care regimen typically includes:  chiropractic adjustments to remove stress and pressure from the affected nerves, mirror image postural exercises to rebalance the affected musculature, corrective traction to remold the damaged ligaments around the spine, and massage therapy to aid in breaking scar tissue formation.  At the end of your treatment plan, we will take another set of digital X-rays to show you the changes that were made throughout care.  You will be able to see a side by side image of your body before and after care.

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